The Healing Drum - ~Spirit Medicine for the Community~
What is Reiki?
A Reiki practitioner opens their heart in gratitude and intention, and receives a stream of healing white light. This light pours through the crown chakra, into the body and to the hands. The hands are then placed over or on another, or outward for distance healing, while maintaining the focused connection with the white light.  

As the light enters the client’s body a deep relaxation occurs, and energy begins to shift. Just as our bodies repair and restore on a cellular level when we sleep, the deeply relaxed state during Reiki opens a door for the body to heal itself.   

First LightWho can give Reiki?
Whenever we relate with another we shift energy. When we interact with loving-kindness we move energy in positive ways. A warm smile or gaze “touches” another just as lovingly as gentle physical contact. So in a sense everyone gives a basic form of Reiki with their acts of kindness. 

Trained Reiki takes this loving energy and adds intention and attunement. A Reiki practitioner is shown by a Reiki Master how to “turn on” and maintain connection with the life force vibrations of the universe, and is united with a Master lineage through the gift of symbols. This Master lineage provides a powerful thread to Reiki energy, accessible at any time to the practitioner.

Benefits of Reiki: 
*Assists the body to release stress, tension and pain                 
*Allows better sleep 
*Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities                            
*Reduces blood pressure 
*Increases vitality and postpones aging process                       
*Supports the immune system 
*Helps to heal chronic problems (asthma, headaches, etc.)     
*Helps to heal acute injuries   
*Increases vitality and postpones aging process                                    *Brings the body into balance  
*And many more...

Snow Angel Spirit~Fairfield, CT
Reiki Combined with Other Therapies and Techniques 
Reiki is becoming increasingly accepted in our society as a complement to traditional medical treatments. The channeled energy helps the healee to heal themselves and free up their own healing ability. And, unlike other forms of healing, Reiki energy never picks up anything negative. In fact, protections are built into the system and when the healer gives a healing, they also receive a healing. 

*Reiki taps the universal life energy and can be used with many other therapies to enhance and to facilitate in helping the healing process. 

*Reiki enhances medical treatments and does not interfere or conflict in any way with medications, surgery, or other medical procedures. 

*Reiki is especially effective and helpful when used prior to and immediately after surgery. 

*Reiki can be combined easily with various forms of meditation, with Yoga, and with other forms of exercise and/or athletics to achieve desired results effectively. 

*Reiki in its complete treatment balances and aligns all the major centers (chakras) naturally. No additional techniques are necessary. 

*Reiki is essential for restoring and maintaining energy and positive wellness in combination with weight control techniques and/or when fasting. 

* Reiki combined with therapeutic music promotes a beautiful healing experience. 

*Reiki cannot in any way be used to harm anyone. Reiki is completely safe at all times, in all situations, and adjusts naturally to the receiver’s needs.
Reiki is intended to be a supplement to, and not a substitute for, 
professional medical care and treatment.