The Healing Drum - ~Spirit Medicine for the Community~
Shamanic Wellness Counsel

Cicada ~ Medicine of Rebirth and Longevity

There are two kinds of nourishment: primary and secondary. The nourishment we put in our mouths is secondary. It fuels our bodies, but it doesn't truly fulfill us.

Relationships, Spirituality, Life Purpose and Physical Activity are primary nourishment that is critical to our well-being. If any one of these are out of balance we are not healthy deep inside. 

Shamanic Wellness counseling operates in the realm of Spirit, showing us how to love ourselves and return to wholeness. By practicing presence in the moment we honor our authentic self, which directs us to make choices in life that are empowering.

We cut the cords of habits and beliefs that no longer serve us; surrendering to change in order to grow.

Agave Cactus ~ Sharp Awakening Medicine!