The Healing Drum - ~Spirit Medicine for the Community~
Gatherings are an important part of this work. We come together in community, opening our hearts to healing on many levels through intention and prayer.


Friday Evenings:
Conscious Dreaming Circle ~ for Men & Women

Sacred Elements
1456 Hwy 179
Sedona, AZ
Donation: $20

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Conscious Dreaming Circle
for Men & Women
Our conscious dreaming circles allow us to step outside time and space and align with the gifts of insight and intuition - to heal our emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Together we embrace the divine feminine and divine masculine within, balancing the yin and yang, celebrating the magic of duality. We become transformed, centered and whole.

Ceremony of Light & the Andean Despacho
~with James Riverstone

Andean Despacho & Ceremony of Light ~ with James Riverstone"The ritual of the Andean Despacho is an act of love and a reminder of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits and sacred places. At the deepest level, it is an opportunity to enter into the essential unity of all things, the living energy of the Universe. It is a beautiful and very ancient process working through the lineage of the Inka in South America. 

Despacho Fire with Prayer Bundles (Mesa's)Together we assemble a prayer bundle, blowing our breath into prayer leaves, red and white flower petals that are placed with care and intention into a paper base. We will use many different elements of seeds, sweets and symbolic items to create the energy. It is created in sacred space with a child-like appeal. We are reminded to be playful as well as sacred. Once this is created and wrapped, the Despacho is then passed over the body to absorb all 'hucha' or dense energy in his or her luminous field.

Callie & Despacho Fire - Woodstock, NYThe Despacho is then buried or burned thus transforming all energies into the purest form of light known as 'sami', by feeding it back into the matrix of the Mother. This ritual is not to be under-estimated and requires nothing but complete surrender and an open heart.

There will be song and sounds to bring in the spirits to help us, sharing from all and lots of community light! These ceremonies are always created by the willingness of the group and the intention to open into the best light we can muster. It is communion with Spirit that which is the reflection of Ourselves."  ~James Riverstone

Conscious Dreaming Circles & Concerts
~with James Riverstone

On stage at Bashar ~ September 2017Let your thinking mind fall away, as the enchanting sounds and songs of James & Callie carry you to the deepest part of yourself.

Journey into that place of surrender, riding the present moment into pure peaceful bliss! 

Available to schedule for special events, private groups, birth & memorial services.

Entering the Earth Spirit Realm ~ ConnecticutSacred Land Walks
Introduction to
Spirit Medicine Path
Those new to a Spirit Medicine path are introduced through the path of direct experience in nature, allowing curiosity and reverence to awaken us to what we inherently know.

This is a mostly silent and meditative exploration of our inner selves through reflection and Callie's soft divine native song. Afterwards, we share our experience to assist in processing and integration of the journey.

Deep Introspection ~ California Redwood Forest
Sacred Land Walks
Deep Spirit Medicine Work

For experienced groups there is deep journey work, an opportunity to step beyond our limitations in this life.

We walk on the land in reverence, and call upon Spirit for support and guidance around our most profound concerns - ego, belief systems, attachment, addiction, shadow and inner child emotional integration.

This is a silent meditative walk, with occasional soft divine native song by Callie. Afterwards, we share our experience to assist in processing and integration of the journey.

Cacao Beans, pure and simpleSacred Cacao Ceremony
Cacao gently and safely uplifts mood, inspires connection with Spirit realms and weaves the spirit of community.

We drink a sweet beverage made from this powerful and loving plant, to reunite with indigenous ways. Then Callie guides a relaxing shamanic journey through the heart-space, led by instruments and song. Afterwards we share stories, laughter and maybe a few tears. In this safe circle of women our emotions are given space to express, heal and celebrate. 

Cacao feels good in the body, and helps us release what may be "stuck" in our lives. For this reason we encourage movement (stretching, yoga, dancing) at the end of ceremony.

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