The Healing Drum - ~Spirit Medicine for the Community~

Andean Prayer Bundles ~ Medicine of the Apus (Mountain Spirits)I got a call one day from a woman calling herself Callie Hill. She was asking about the path of a shaman.

She called it an "interview" so she could later write about it.  I told her the only way to translate spirit work is to know spirit work.  We must live the relationship through the work.
Words can teach
but experiencing the path is the heart of knowledge.

There wasn't a lot of conscious awareness at that point of what was to come. It was pure intuition that carried her in the direction. That was a good thing to allow into her life!  The allowance and embodiment of teachings make for great healers.  As one of my teachers told me, "...availability is the key to receiving. That's when things happen".   

It is a glorious thing to watch a flower blossom. Yet before the flower comes, the seed must be planted and then the gestation can occur.  

Medicine Wheel Prayers ~ Dana Ross' land, Sedona
Spirit said to me in our first session, 'Feed this woman, set her up...give her a rattle to start things up!  Show her a path to walk and learn. Plant a seed so that her garden can grow strong and spread out all around. She has great abilities to carry gentle, loving medicine so that others will be fed as well. One day, you too will need her healing. Give her this Light that has been handed down to you...because this is how it works.'
I don't question Spirit when Spirit talks.  I trust the thread of communion.  Callie is evidence of this truth. 

Callie has accomplished a beautiful grace of healing light. 

She has attracted powerful tools. She continues to learn of the surrendering involved in walking this path. Callie is a clean and clear energy vessel, who has gained allies to translate and transfer what is needed. The most profound aspect for me in her work has been the wisdom of the Grandmother energy that has come.  I know it is her soul's ancient past working through the present because the soul agreement has a contract. This is a great example of the return of ancient ways to heal the New Earth.  Many of us have this contract with our hearts and it is an important time to "real-eyes" this truth.

It makes me happy to share these words. I am humbled by the medicine that flows through Callie Hill. I am proud to call her an ally and friend.

  ~James Riverstone

On the shamanic path
Turkey Tail Feather ~ Blessings of Gratitude & AbundanceI have known Callie since the day she was born. She has always been a Seeker of Truth. Her path has led her to discover her abilities to reach deep into one’s soul and gently guide it on a journey of enlightenment. Through her drum work, and channeling a remarkably kind spiritual essence, she is able to guide one’s soul toward the light and beauty that we all deserve. Her percussive journey leads the soul towards its own self-actualization as a spiritual power that can nourish us in our daily lives. Callie is truly gifted and I would strongly recommend her to anyone with the courage to seek the inner wonder and beauty in all of us.
~Bradley Carleton

Insect Spirit with Sunset"Last week I visited Callie, who led me on my first Faerie Journey.

Callie was friendly and patient with me. She made me feel comfortable and safe. She also helped me understand what she was doing and why.

The Journey gave me an insight on myself as well as the faeries. It has changed my perspective on many day-to-day things.

I have now become aware of another world that co-exists with our own. Callie even let me draw a Faerie card after the journey."  
~Angela Strelevitz

Huichol Blessings ~ In Honor to Grandfather Spirit I had the pleasure of experiencing shamanic journeying with Callie. I love drums and have listened to many different styles of drumming, but Callie's is truly unique, especially accompanied by her mesmerizing chanting. It is very very subtle and seemingly light, but the depth of the experience it provoked really surprised me. 
 Very quickly I found myself in a dreamlike state with a whirlwind of visions, feelings and insights as I followed Callie's voice. I emerged from the journey with so much clarity and a few "aha" moments on the situation in my life that I was trying to understand and resolve. 
 I highly recommend journeying with Callie for insight, healing, relaxation and just "me time."  She has such a caring presence - you will immediately feel at ease, like with a good friend you have known for years."
~ Yulia Nemtsev

Dove Spirit ~ Peace & LoveThe Community Gathering that Callie led was special for me in a couple of ways. First, I got to meet new people, more travelers on the Spiritual Path. 

Second, the Journey itself allowed each of us to experience it in our own unique ways, separately yet together. The prayers that were offered, the drumming, the chanting, and the singing were beautiful, keeping me connected yet allowing me to Journey as my own spirit needed. 

And third, Callie very graciously welcomed my 12-year-old daughter and helped her to feel comfortable. She even facilitated a Journey for my daughter to help her connect to the Faerie Realm,  for which I am most grateful.

So thank you, Callie. Peace and blessings to you. Until our paths cross again,                                                                                                    ~Debbie Strelevitz

Tipon Blessing ~ Sacred Valley, Peru
I experienced both a personal and transformational session at the Women’s Circle gathering that Callie offers. Her sacred ceremonial expertise combined with her soft angelic chanting uplifted my vibration to allow for a most delicious & gentle transformational experience!
                   ~DyAnn Suares