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Ant Lesson

I was sitting outside on a chaise lounge, reading a magazine article on Soul Retrieval. I wanted to move the magazine toward the edge of the chair, but Ant was meandering there. So I brushed him off, aiming to the patio concrete. He struggled when he landed. I apparently hurt him.   

 I see no reason to hurt or kill Ant, especially when outside. There’s plenty of room for us to coexist. I was saddened, and placed my fingernail beside him. He managed to climb on board. I moved Ant into my palm then brought him near my face.   

 It looked like his back was broken, so I gave him Reiki with my finger. He twisted around and twitched his feelers, then stretched out his back.  I began to think he was going to survive. Then I noticed his chest was crushed. My heart sank with the weight of guilt and shame.   

To feel better I began to think about the gifts of the Ant totem. I wanted to find the hidden lessons of Ant, so that I could fully appreciate the experience I was having. 

 Ant spirit calls us into cooperation and community.  Ant reminds us that patience, persistence and hard work are key in life – and we must balance this with a willing surrender of the ego. In so doing, we make all things sacred, and we accept ourselves as humble servants of the Universe. Ant medicine walks the path of unconditional love.   

 As Ant lay in my hand, I offered him a compassionate death rite song. When I finished singing Ant was nearly still. I blessed him by gently blowing my warm breath upon his tiny frail body, sending him my gratitude and prayers. I brought him inside.  My mesa (sacred altar) was open in my healing room, so I placed Ant on a white triangular stone that carries mountain energy. It seemed like the perfect place for the spirit of Ant to ascend.   

 Tomorrow I will travel to Vermont to spend time with the Q’ero shamans from the mountains of Peru. Ant medicine has opened my heart to receive the ancient living energy of the mountains in a profound way.   

 ~Blessings to all beings on their path of light.

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